Chronicle Report – 21st November 2013

Our weekly club runs have continued despite the weather, as have the Saturday social rides on the first and third Saturday of each month. The club runs program continues throughout the winter months – everyone is welcome, so feel free to join us one weekend – details on the website

Club runs & Social Rides

Saturday Nov 2nd, the hard core Saturday 10am social riders were there, Bev, Rob and Stephanie Cooke (ride leader) and Kevin a very new club member. Despite the very gloomy skies and blowing leaves, the group set off North westerly and found Radnor bank muddy and slippy from the heavy rains, but all stayed upright. Winding through Goostrey and Lower Peover, past a tempting early coffee stop at Plantation garden centre, they reached the Penny Farthing Cafe in central Knutsford in good form and not yet wet. Having averaged 21kph on the outbound, all wondered if they had had a tail wind as they had noticed cross winds too. It all became clear as they remounted, after a great cafe stop of toasted teacakes and cookies and hot drinks, into a strong and constant head wind. The group followed some pretty little lanes by mills and streams, raging with water, between Over Peover and Withington Green. By now they had donned waterproofs as heavy squalls hit them, but also saw more than a few blue patches. It was a beautiful autumn day and good temperature for riding. After Catchpenny, Siddington Heath and Newsbank they were ready for Radnor banks’ slippy leaves again. Trouble free except for the exertion and the head wind. The average speed had dropped to 19.5 kph by the end of 53km, arriving back at the Unicorn for 1.45pm, luckily not too damp or cold. Kevin had rushed ahead on his own as Stoke were playing at home.

Sunday Nov 10th, Remembrance Sunday. Perhaps that was what kept riders away? As it was only three that were at the Rugby Club on what was a fine though cold morning with a ground frost. Sue Blake accompanied by Bob and Georgina Norton kept away from the lanes for the first hour to avoid icy patches. They rode through Holmes Chapel, Cranage, Lach Denis and Davenham before pausing at Hartford War Memorial to witness their own remembrance ceremony, complete with a pipe band and 2 minute silence. Onward through Whitegate and Little Budworth to Cotebrook and the Shire Horse Centre for refreshments. Here they were joined by Stephen Kane, who had suffered a puncture on the way to the start. The now foursome rode back to Congleton by way of Eaton, Wettenhall, Church Minshull, and Brereton Heath for a round trip of about 55 miles.

Saturday Nov 16th saw nine riders out for the twice monthly 30 mile cafe ride. The weather was kind, fairly still and not too cold, and the autumn colours still magnificent. The riders were Bob Banner, Rob Waghorn, Bev Hambleton, Marcus Rohrmann, Jim Cook, Les Lancaster, Kevin Talbot and Georgina and Bob Norton. The chosen destination was the Snowdrop Cafe at Grasslands Garden Centre near Lower Peover, which was reached by way of Swettenham, Tewmlow, Goostrey, Lach Denis and Plumley. The return trip passed through Over Peover, Bate Mill and Lower Withington.

On Sunday Nov 17th, Jim Cook, Bob and Georgina Norton were out again, this time joined by Sue Blake and John Broadbent. The route out of Congleton was up Canal Road and towards Mow Cop but turning off for Ackers Crossing. This may have been a poor choice, because of hedge trimming operations, and sure enough by the time the group reached Scholar Green they were stopped by a puncture, the first of two that day caused by thorns. Once mobile again the group continued in damp and misty conditions through Alsager to Audley, then over Knowl Bank and through the lanes to Madeley. By this time damp mist had become drizzle, but at least it was mild riding on through Wrinehill, Checkley and Hunterston to a refreshment stop and dry out at Dagfields Craft Centre. On leaving, a more direct route home was agreed, so the route was Wybunbury, Hough, Weston, Barthomley, Radway Green, Hassall Green and Brownlow for a trip distance of about 45 miles.

2014 events and Training Plans

A number of 2014 events are now ‘open’ for entries, including the local ‘Cheshire Cat’ sportive, scheduled for the end of March – this makes a great early season goal and focus for winter training.  Hopefully the 2014 event will not be cancelled due to snow!

For those of us struggling for a little motivation this winter, British Cycling is publishing a series of training plans to help riders prepare for next season’s events – Following a training plan is often a good way of maintaining motivation and fitness levels built up during the summer months.

Unfortunate injuries

Unfortunately, two members of the club have suffered injury in the last few weeks, which will keep them off their bikes for a while. Denise Hurst, who leads many of the Sunday club runs, fell on a wet level crossing in Nantwich a couple of weeks ago and has fractured her pelvis. Stephanie Cooke, who leads some of the Saturday social runs, has fallen whilst walking and fractured her ankle and heel – Stephanie is looking to borrow an exercise bike to help her rehabilitation if anyone can help? Ideally one with good levels of adjustment as her rehabilitation progresses.