Report – 19th April 2013

Congleton Cycling Club’s Chain of Events 

Week of 8th to 12th April 

VTTA 10-mile TT on Tuesday 9th April, on Chelford Course

Our Members were involved: Bob Norton was the Organiser of this event, Georgina Norton communicated the times from the Timekeeper (and also collected the Event Signs) and Peter Hayhurst assisted with display of results. Two Members rode in chilly and windy conditions: David Hurst, 38:10 and Peter Nelson, 40:47. The winner was Jerry Cross (Manchester Wheelers) with 21:40, which yielded a VTTA Standard (Handicap) Time of +5:05. 

Club Hilly 9-mile TT on Tuesday 9th April on Bridestones / Timbersbrook Course

Despite the cold evening, 27 riders turned up for the first Club time trial of the year round the Mossley/Bridestones/Rushton Spencer/Wood Treatment/Timbersbrook hilly circuit. Fastest was Alex McNicol (VC Moulin) in a time of 29:19, second was Mark Lovatt (Planet X) in 29:34, and third was new Club member Charlie Evans in 30:06.

Alex McNicol (G) 29:19, Mark Lovatt (G) 29:34, Charlie Evans 30:06, Rob Howson (G) 30:52, Nick Decker 31:32, Phil Gayes (G) 32:19, Anthony Allen (G) 32:33, Pete Tatton 32:52, William Neill (G) 32:52, Pete Smith 32:57, Mike Jones 33:23, Ben Norbury (G) 33:48, Barry Riley (G) 34:26, Brendan McLaughlin 34:32, Stephen Jackson 35:04, Robert Kerr (G) 35:36, Mike Line 36:52, Paul Turner 37:29, Wayne Powell 37:49, Sam French 38:58, Ed Wright 41:28, Tony Elliott 42:20, Sue Blake 46:13, David Hurst 51:23, Paul Dentith (G) DNF, Dave Clark (G) DNF, Andy Malbon DNS.

Officials & Helpers: Georgina & Bob Norton, Avril & Rob Waghorn, Jill Elliott, Denise Hurst, Steve Hulme, Kelvin Milward and Peter Nelson.

Club-Night for New Junior Members & Their Families on Thursday 11th April

Our Head Coach – Charlie Evans’ report (edited):

“Thanks to you all (existing Members) for making last night a success. I certainly believe we met our objectives of helping the young riders to start to get to know each other, to see that there are other riders their own age in the club to ride with and that CCC is here to support them and help them develope as bike riders. I really appreciated everyone’s enthusiasm and support last night. I know Bob (Norton) and I have discussed this, but I genuinely came out of the Go-ride meeting a few weeks ago with the understanding that the expectation was on me to get the evening up and running. I (am) glad that wasn’t the case, as last night was a success due to everyone’s collective efforts. I really appreciate the way Pete (Smith), James (Bailey), Mike (Jones) and Bob (Norton) dropped into the setting-up and picking up on what must have not been the clearest of direction from myself. It is this collective enthusiasm that will ensure the club succeeds in achieving its aims of developing both the youth and the junior side, as well as the club as a whole. The efforts of Georgina (Norton), Peter H (Hayhurst) and co upstairs made a massive boost to the evening too. Really great effort by all!

A good club atmosphere is what got me into club cycling as a junior, and it was seeing this at CCC last autumn that confirmed my decision to join the club. I hope that the young riders that attended last night feel the same.”


Weekend of 13th / 14th April 

Macclesfield Wheelers 25-mile TT on Chelford Course

Due to roadworks near Chelford, an Emergency course, based on Byley / Cranage / Toft was used. In slightly warmer but still windy conditions, our Team of 3 felt that participation was well-worthwhile (even as training): Mike Jones, 01:06:20; Kelvin Milward, 01:06:39, Peter Hayhurst, 01:26:30. The winner was Andy Tennant (Madison Genesis PCT) with 53:42. Steve Jackson and his Macc Wheelers Team are to be congratulated on re-configuring the event at such short notice.

Club AUDAX Rides to Ironbridge (200K) and Hawkestone (130K)

Rob Waghorn, aided by wife, Avril and Denise Hurst, organised these events, as usual and reports: “There  were a total of 6 CCC riders. Sue Blake, Richard Cowan and Pete Smith rode the Hawkstone 133K along with 21 others. Steve Kirkham, Bob Norton and Rob Waghorn rode the Ironbridge 207K along with 22 others. There was a very strong wind against all the riders for most of the outward leg of both routes but it was generally helpful to them on the way back. Both runs went via Market Drayton before splitting off to go to their furthest points of Hawkstone and Ironbridge, and on the return they both passed through Prees Heath. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves, despite the wind, as it was at least warm, even though there were a couple of short showers during the day.”

Midlands XC at Birchall, Chesterfield on 14th April

Charlie Evans reports: “James Bailey, Alex McNicol and myself were all competing at Round 2 of the Midlands XC yesterday. Conditions were dry, relatively mild but very windy, meaning the main climb was extra tough due to the screaming headwind on the exposed ascent. Into the trees, we negotiated some natural single-track with plenty of roots and turns to keep us focused, or catch us out if you weren’t! James finished 12th in the Expert race, Whilst Alex and myself fought it out in a sprint finish for 7th place in the Masters race, with me just pipping Alex. Training partner Dan Wells won this round too, making it two in a row.”

Darley Moor Circuit Race on 14th April

New Member, Mark Allen, reports: “Just to say that this race was my first ride on the new bike, but I adapted well by blocking off the gears (due to restricted ratios). I found it hard on the ascent into the strong headwind (and need a smaller ratio). This meant that I finished 41st out of 42, but at least i didn’t finish last! It doesn’t matter though, as I had a great time and I’m on the look-out for any other circuit races on in the next few weeks.”

Club 10-mile TT on Holmes Chapel Circuit on Tuesday 16th April

At last, real Spring weather greeted the 30 riders on this, the first of the 10- / 25-mile time trial series which continues on a weekly schedule, through to August.

Jim Stringer (G) 24:14, John Swinnerton (G) 24:46, Alex Braybrooke (G) 24:52, Wayne Powell 25:01, Phil Gayes (G) 25:27, Nick Decker 25:35, Pete Tatton 25:49, Stephen Jackson 26:11, Kelvin Milward 26:31, Ben Norbury (G) 26:36, Warren Jackson (G) 26:49, Andy Malbon 26:55, Duncan Poole 27:36, Mike Line 27:46, Stephen Maxfield (G) 27:51, Dan Brown (G) 28:12, Ed Wright 28:49, Sheldon Starkey 28:50, Tony Elliott 29:16, Paul Turner 29:49, Nick Wood 30:02, Sam French 31:02, Joe Langford 31:40, Mark Allen 32:58, Sue Blake 34:12, Peter Hayhurst 34:30, Beth Eardley 34:58, David Hurst 35:52, Andrew Doorbar (G) DNF(P).

Officials & Helpers: Georgina & Bob Norton, Avril & Rob Waghorn, Jill Elliott, Denise Hurst, Roy Hayhurst, Mike Jones and David McVitie.

The Club meets every Thursday at 8.30 p.m. at the Rugby Club, Park Street, except for the first Thursday of the month where the venue is Beartown Tap. Anyone who would like to swap ideas and stories on all cycling topics is welcome to attend.