Report – 18th May 2012

Congleton Cycling Club’s Chain of Events 

Club 10-mile TT – Result of 1st May

Rapha Condor stars Andy Tennant and Ed Clancy were again the leading riders in our Tuesday evening Club ’10?. Andy was fastest this week with 20:24, Ed was a close second in 20:35, and Scott Burns (who went off course the previous week) was third with 21:15. Pete Smith was again the fastest Congleton rider with another sub-24 minute ride.

Results (G=Guest): Andy Tennant (G) 20:24, Ed Clancy (G) 20:35, Scott Burns (G) 21:15, Martin Parish (G) 22:36, Jordan Bason (G) 23:37, Pete Smith 23:47, Keith Dutton (G) 23:48, Jamie Willetts 23:58, Andy Malbon 24:17, Stephen Jackson 24:39, Kelvin Milward 24:59, Wayne Powell 25:30, Mike Jones 26:18, Stephen Kane 26:19, Mike Line 27:07, Jonathan Poole 27:49, Tony Elliott 27:53, Robert Kerr 28:07, Alistair Rainsbury (G) 29:17, Duncan Poole 29:25, John Broadbent 29:45, Olivier Foerster 30:14, Peter Nelson 32:22, David Hurst 33:24.

Timekeepers: Bob and Georgina Norton

Pusher-off: Steve Sladin

Marshals. Jill Elliot, Phil Gayes, Anne Genevier, Peter Hayhurst, Denise Hurst, Lorraine Powell.

ABC Centreville 10-mile TT on Chelford Course on 5th May

Five Club Members tried their hardest on another chilly but dry afternoon: Kelvin Milward – 25:10, Stephen Kane – 26:34, Peter Nelson – 31:26, Peter Hayhurst – 33:03, David Hurst – 34:02. The Winner was Scott Burns, Manchester Wheelers – 20:44, with Charles McCulloch, Drag-2-Zero, only 3 seconds adrift.

Clubrun to Tarporley on 6th May – 58 miles

David McVitie reports: “Six of us, Bob and Georgina Norton, Stephen Kane, Peter Nelson and Davids Hurst and myself set off on a cool overcast morning bound for Tarporley. We warmed up on Radnor Bank and the rode on through Goostrey, Lach Denis, Davenham and the track past Vale Royal Golf Club to Whitegate. The Old Fire Station Cafe at Tarporley was reached by way of Little Budworth. The return trip was via Beeston Castle, Bunbury, Church Minshull, and Brereton Heath with a coffee/beer stop in afternoon sunshine at The Bears Head at Brereton. The ride distance was 58miles.”

Wiggle Enduro 6 Mountain Bike Race – May 6th

Jamie Willets reports: “Based at Catton Park in Derbyshire, the course was just over 5 miles long per lap with approximately 450ft of climbing. Having been raining a lot in the run up to the race we were blessed with sunny conditions which led to the course drying, during the event. This led to slicker mud on the first couple of laps which turned into exceptionally tacky mud which made it difficult to roll downhill and give the legs a chance to recover”

“Unfortunately as my first race after the 24 hour my legs would not wake up and I was finding it hard work to maintain a decent race pace over the time. Four hours in and I was watching the clock desperate for the time to click down faster than it would. I was tired and making silly mistakes – forgetting bottles and making poor line selections through some of the rooty singletrack sections. I finally finished in 6hrs 14 – in 24th place in my category. Not the result i was hoping for. Big thanks to Twelve50 Bikes for supporting my racing this year.”

Club 10-mile TT – Result of 8th May

In our first race of the year on the Chelford course, John Swinnerton (Kidsgrove Wh) was the winner with a time of 23:34. Fastest Congleton CC rider was Stephen Jackson with 23:54, narrowly pipping Pete Smith with 23:57

Result (G= Guest): John Swinnerton (G) 23:34, Keith Dutton (G) 23:52, Stephen Jackson 23:54, Pete Smith 23:57, Roy Myers (G) 24:03, Brendan McLaughlin 24:13, Jamie Willetts 24:24, Andy Malbon 24:35, Phil Gayes (G) 24:42, Pete Tatton 24:56, Jonathan Beever (G) 25:33, Stephen Kane 25:51, Steven Jackson (G) 25:53, Mike Line 26:16, Mike Jones 26:38, Tony Elliott 27:36, Jonathan Poole (G) 27:45, Jon Leigh 29:07, John Broadbent 30:24, Peter Nelson 31:01, David Hurst 33:24.

Timekeepers: Bob and Georgina Norton

Pusher-off: Steve Sladin

Marshals: Roy Hayhurst, Denise Hurst, David McVitie, Kelvin Milward, Rob and Avril Waghorn.

Clubrun to Red House, Dunham on 13th May

With many riders building their hill-climbing fitness for upcoming events, only Simon Howells and David McVitie enjoyed the scheduled flatter run over to Red House Farm. They went via Back Lane, Radnor, Twemlow, Goostrey, Plumley, High Legh and Heatley. The bright and sunny weather was tempered by a cool breeze which slowed the return via Bucklow Hill and Tatton Park.

West Pennine RC – 55-mile RR, Bashall Eaves Circuit near Clitheroe.

Mike Harrison reports: “Lumpy circuit with horrendous road surfaces! I missed the break (as per normal) and got in a chasing group of five that caught a few riders dropped from the front group, swelling our chasing group to around twelve. I dropped this ensemble with around four miles to go on a short, steep climb but ranout of time to catch the remains of the front group (including Mark Lovatt who was 2nd) – so I finished in 7th place. The winner was Mike Marshall.

Club 10-mile TT – on Gawsworth Course – Result of 15th May

Despite heavy rain during most of the day, it turned out to be a reasonably fine but decidedly cool evening for the seventeen riders who took part in Tuesday evening’s race. Winner again this week was John Swinnerton (Kidsgrove Wheelers) with 23:10 and second was Pete Smith with 23:59.

Results (G = Guest): John Swinnerton (G) 23:10, Pete Smith 23:59, Pete Tatton 24:10, Andy Malbon 24:30, Stephen Jackson 24:33, Phil Gayes (G) 24:40, Mike Line 26:24, Stephen Kane 26:30, Duncan Poole 27:17, Richard Coates (G) 27:41, John Green (G) 27:55, Tony Elliott 28:07, Jon Leigh 29:46, Jonathan Poole (G) 29:48, John Broadbent 30:31, Peter Nelson 31:23, Mike Jones DNF (puncture).

Timekeepers: Bob and Georgina Norton

Pusher-off: Steve Sladin

Marshals / Signs: Peter Hayhurst, David McVitie, Steve Sladin

Weekend of 19th / 20th May

Club Social Ride to Penny Farthing Café, Knutsford – 30 miles

Bob Banner lead this ride but had only one companion – a friend from Maidenhead C.C. who enjoyed his introduction to our Cheshire lanes and the views of Jodrell Bank.

Warrington Road Club, 50-mile TT on Chelford Course

Peter Nelson was our sole representative on this pleasant afternoon and managed to improve to 02:50:34 and won the 70+ Age Category Award. The winner was Simon Bridge, Manchester Wheelers, with 01:47:31.

Clubrun – Hawkestone 130K Reliability

David McVitie reports: “Denise and David Hurst, Steven Kane and myself did this repeat ride. The day was dry, cool and mainly cloudy although the sun managed to get through later on to generate shadows from time to time. The route was basical the Audax route from the annual Rob Waghorn event.but after achieving our scenic target of Hawkestone Park (in the Hodnet area of Shropshire), we simplified the return and kept East of the original route, missing Church Minshull and passing through Audlem, Barthomley, Walgherton, Hassall Green, Astbury and Mossley.”

Future Events:

Thursday, 7th June – Team Congleton Olympic Event, “Come-And-Try-It Time-Trial”

Distance – 2.5 miles. Meet at 6.30 p.m. – Brereton Country Park Visitor Centre. This is for all cyclists – of all ages – and especially novices. Riders will start at one minute intervals and the course around Brereton Heath, Somerford and A54, will be well signed and well marshalled.

The Awards will include many Age Categories.

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The Club meets every Thursday at 8.30pm at the Rugby Club, Park Street and welcomes anyone who would like to swap ideas and stories on all cycling topics.