Club Run List

For information concerning distances, start times and places, and for new riders please refer to Club-Runs.

Destinations are currently not shown because of the uncertainly in cafe availability caused by Covid.

3/4/21Bob & Georgina Norton07854839254
4/4/21Stephen Kane 07922507849
10/4/21Mark Hopwood07580805714
11/4/21Ian Murray07887780772
17/4/21Bob & Georgina Norton07854839254
18/4/21Jill Jervis07941701733
24/4/21 Bill Boynton07785394671
25/4/21Bob Norton07854839254
1/5/21 Bob & Georgina Norton07854839254
2/5/21 Ian Murray07887780772
8/5/21Bill Boynton07785394671
9/5/21Phil Holdcroft07904305934
15/5/21 Dave Lane07830255145
16/5/21 Jill Jervis07941701733
22/5/21Ant Boulding07734509739
23/5/21Bob Norton07854839254
29/5/21 Dave Morgan07825904837
30/5/21 Colin Bennett07969839885
5/6/21Bill Boynton07785394671
6/6/21 Keith Whitmarsh07757958775
12/6/21 Bob & Georgina Norton07854839254
19/6/21 Howard Davies07521498999
20/6/21 Jill Jervis07941701733
26/6/21 Mark Hopwood07580805714
27/6/21 Bob Norton07854839254