Join Us

[With effect from 01/11/2014]

Membership runs for 12 months from the first day of the month in which the member joins. Annual subscription rates as of November 2014 are as follows:

Senior £20
Junior (Under 18) £5 or free if family of a senior member.
2nd Claim £15

In addition if you want to be a riding member, i.e. take part in Club Runs, Reliability Rides, racing activities, etc., then you must have appropriate 3rd party insurance cover. This can be achieved as a:

  • CTC 3rd Party only member. Note. Currently £24 per year. Club will organise on your behalf
  • Member of some other organisation which provides similar 3rd party cover to its members whilst riding.

Special Offer. A discount is available for first-time membership to British Cycling. Ask a Membership Secretary for the special application forms.

If you would like to join the Club please hand a completed Application Form to Sue Blake, Membership Secretary.

For junior members (all riders under 18 years old), we will also require a completed Parental Consent Form.

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