Club Reliability Rides

The club holds a series of “reliability rides” as a substitutes or alternatives for our Sunday Club Runs. These have traditionally been held early in the year (January to March) to help members build their fitness for the season.

The Reliabilities operate like Audax rides (see Competition/Audax) with the following differences:

  1. Route sheets are in miles
  2. There is a choice of speeds for the route  12.5mph, 15mph, (or 18mph on the shorter rides) with a + 10% tolerance to qualify as having succeeded
  3. Successful members earn a certificate and a club point.

The normal sequence of early season rides is:

Rules for Reliability Trials HERE

See Club runs list and calendar for actual dates

  1. 26/49 MILE
    GPX Route for 25 Mile Reliability
    Route Sheet for 26 Mile Reliability
    GPX Route for 49 Mile Reliability
    Route Sheet for 49 Mile Reliability
  2. 65 MILE
    GPX Route for 65 Mile Reliability
    Route Sheet for 65 Mile Reliability
  3. 100 MILE
    GPX Route for 100 Mile Reliability
    Route Sheet for 100 Mile Reliability
  4. HILLY
    GPX Route for Hilly Reliability
    Route Sheet for Hilly Reliability
  5. 150 MILE
    GPX Route for 150 Mile Reliability
    Route Sheet for 150 Mile Reliability